• Each day, more and more bands are self-financing their own CD, that’s easy. The difficult part comes when it has to get promoted, and normally, bands or small labels don’t have an infrastructure with enough contacts or needed budget for an adecuate promotion.In XTREEM MUSIC you have the chance to give an excellent promotional push for the CD of your band, or any of your releases if you’re running a record label.

    More than 300 bands and labels have already collaborated with XTREEM MUSIC to expand their promotional campaigns, and they’ve all been very satisfied!!

  • XTREEM MUSIC is the biggest spanish website devoted to extreme Metal. The PROMOTIONS section can be found both on the spanish and english versions, so the coverage for all world is guaranteed.
    • Thousands of weekly visits in an outstanding place of the main page of our website guarantees that nobody will miss your band!!
    • Your CD will get an exclusive spot featuring the following:
      • Full colour CD cover.
      • Complete track listing.
      • Band of label contact.
      • A brief comment both in english & spanish.
      • One song on high quality MP3 format, or more if the songs are very short…
      • Link to MySpace or official band site, in case anyone wants some extra info.
    • Besides this, you’ll also get:
      • Exclusive review on the spanish side of the web and also possible interview.
      • This promotion will be mailed on an individual way to more than 7.500 contacts related to extreme Metal (fans, labels, zines, bands, etc) all over the world!! No senseless spam. These contacts have been gathered one by one since 1997!!
      • A banner of 400×60 pixels that will appear, for a long undetermined period of time, on the different sections of the website where we feature banners on a random basis.
    • And as a NEW additional service:
      • We would offer, unless otherwise stated, the album for download no mp3 ONLY to selected medias (magazines, webzines, radios…) that usually download the XTREEM MUSIC releases in our exclusive promo-area located

        As you can see, this is a restricted password-protected area, only available for medias that have previously requested access and after verifying that they really exist, they’re approved and after that, they oftenly enter everytime a new release is available for download to do a review and possible interview (if they like it enough) on their media. We’ve been doing this way of promotion for XTREEM MUSIC release since 2008. We actually have over 400 medias already registered, although they all decide what they want to download at their convenience.

        In case you’re interested in this option, you must send us (by Dropbox, Mediafire, etc) a RAR or ZIP file containing the album no mp3 (of at least 128kbps) as well as extra stuff like album cover, photo, logo and if possible, a text file with additional info about the band (biography, contact, website, discography…) that could be useful for the reviewer.

  • How to get featured here??
    • As long as your band belongs to extreme Metal (Death, Thrash, Black, Grind, Doom…), your band will be welcome to get promotion in our space.Simply write us to:

  • How much will this cost you and how long it’ll be featured be in our web??
    • Promoting your CD here will cost you only 10 copies of the CD (+1 promo) if it’s a professional CD or 15 copies if it’s a CD-R or mini CD.
    • Your CD will be featured on the 15 latest promotions on the main page of the PROMOTIONS of XTREEM MUSIC as long as new features are coming in. After that time, your band will take part of the list of promoted bands forever and anybody can vists it whenever they want.
    • The MP3 song will remain in our website for a period of at least 6 months!!
  • Also:
    • The 10 (or 15) copies of your CD will be sold through our mailorder catalogue, where we’ll sell it for a very affordable price. Let’s say that they incomes received by sales (when they happen), would be what we receive in axchange for the service we’re offering.


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